Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cutting back on dairy...

My son has been sharing videos and other info on meat, cheese, eggs, etc. that has me looking at narrowing my diet even more. I'm already pretty much totally vegetarian but not vegan. I eat cheese, eggs, milk sparingly. Cheese might be my biggest difficulty if I decide to go vegan.

I tried substituting almond milk for cow milk a while back. It just didn't work well in my hot tea in the morning. I ended up going 50-50, have of each. It wasn't the taste as much as the texture and how it mixed with my tea. I put twice as much almond milk and it still doesn't come close to the sensation on my tongue of cow milk and tea. Plus, I like my tea piping hot and a ton of almond milk cools it down too much.

I thought I'd toss my situation out to the world (or at least to those few who've found this blog) to see if you had any suggestions or better solutions than almond milk. Soy? Might give that a try.

Here's a few of the videos / programs I've watched if you're interested:

Food, Inc.
Forks over Knives
King Corn
Food Matters ( - trailer)

Watching this one now: (The Men Who Made Us Fat)

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