Monday, June 16, 2014

Found a GOOD pizza!

I love a good pizza. I don't eat it often but when I do I find myself wishing for that same old taste I had before I moved over to the gluten-free life. It's just not worth the calories if it doesn't taste right.

I have tried all the take-out versions at the major chains and most of the local places, too. None of them rank high on my taste meter.

Most have cardboard thin crusts with no taste, a tiny bit of cheese atop with just enough sauce to cover the middle. If I get veggies I often can't see them yet I've paid top dollar for the strands of spinach and a few shriveled mushrooms.

The frozen varieties haven't tripped any taste-bud meters either. Until now...

I found "Against the Grain Gourmet" Three Cheese pizza at Publix. At least I hope it was Publix. I saw it somewhere, figured what the heck, I'd give it a try. I tossed it in the freezer and forgot about it until a few days ago.

It was GOOD. Granted, it's not exactly like the old pizzas I used to eat, but it was really good.

Another big plus for me is that the pizzas are sugar-free. It's hard to find anything these days that doesn't  have some sugar added to appease the sugar-addicted palates of most. 

I got the Three Cheese, not sure if they have others as I can't quite remember where I bought it. Since eating it I've eliminated all the other stores where I shop. I'm heading to Publix later to see if that's the right store. Hope so! If not I'll have to really put on my thinking cap.

I know it wasn't Kroger, Trader Joes, the Dekalb Famer's Market, Fresh Market, Ingles or Walmart. That pretty much leaves Publix.

It's a cool sounding company, too. I just read the "Who is Against the Grain?" blurb on the pizza box. 

Their box says they make all kinds of pizzas, rolls & bagels. I'm going to take a look at their website,, to see where I can find other products in the Atlanta area. They're located in Brattleboro, Vermont. Their email is, phone is 802-258-3838.

My take on a few of the other gluten-free pizzas:

Annies - not a pizza. I add all kinds of stuff to it and try not to think about "pizza", try to think matzoh and cheese, or if I get their spinach gluten-free pizza I think weird bread.
Trader Joe's - makes Annies taste good.
Dominos - if you pile enough stuff on it from your fridge & re-heat it's passable, better than some of the other chains
Partner's Pizza - the best of the eat-out pizzas that I've found. They just moved to a new crust & I was the guinea pig for their first unveiling (accident of timing, not deliberate on their part). They re-cooked and went through three different pizzas before getting the crust cooked just right, gave me all of them to take home... it's pretty darned good! They are my place of choice for gluten-free pizza.
I'll add to the list as I think about the places I've eaten... or pizzas I've tried. Those are the only ones that come to mind at the moment.

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