Friday, March 7, 2014

Fitness Journey

I just got home from my workout at Fitness 54. I go there most mornings. Most weeks I meet with Kristen, one of the trainers with NuVision, every day. M-W-F we do strength training. Tu - Th she puts me through my paces in the pool. And other than the days in the pool, my sessions start on the treadmill (warm-up) and end on the Arc Glider (post workout Cardio).

Sometimes my schedule doesn't allow for a workout. I'm ok with that.

But that is today. It's not where I started. And I was thinking about where I started this morning a lot. My former trainer (from MN) posted something on fb yesterday that really made me stop and think about journeys.

In his post he maligned the three women who were on the elliptical machines. He was doing skier swings.... with weights. His comment: "Yeah, I'm pretty sure the 3 ladies "riding" the elliptical machine watching me do skier swing intervals thought that I (in bold) was the crazy one and that I (in bold) was the one that didn't know what the hell I was doing." Wait a minute. He knows nothing about them. Their journey. They were up and moving. Good for THEM!

I was thinking about this as I was on the Arc Glider at the gym. Someone could have come into the gym while I was on the glider and thought the same thing. They would not have seen the workout Kristen put me through that day. They would not have been able to see that in everything I did today, I did at a higher weight, higher intensity, than I did 3 - 4 weeks ago when I started with her.

They would not have known that in 2009 -- when I met the trainer in MN and started working with him -- I weighed over 210 lbs, could barely bend my knees, and often walked with a cane.

There a million reasons why those 3 women may have been on the elliptical and not doing skier swings. They should be applauded for having been doing s.o.m.e.t.h.i.n.g.

That leads me to my philosophy on fitness.
1. do what you can today.
2. do it again tomorrow. and the next day. Do it everyday (within reason of course) until you can do more.
3. Make that your new normal and repeat.

I'd love to hear about your fitness journey. Where are you at? Where would you like to be?

- Denise Prince is a weaver, spinner, and fiber artist in Peachtree City. She is also a traveler on the road to better fitness.

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